ROI as a Justification to Your Board for Consulting Expenses

Some school board and district leaders hesitate to spend money on grants or marketing and outreach, seeing such expenses as speculative. Yet - as many innovative districts know - taking the long view toward building a productive relationship with a grants and marketing consultant will reap financial and programmatic benefits over time.


"I position the expense to my board as a Return On Investment," says Dr. Martinrex Kedziora, Chief Academic Officer for Moreno Valley Unified School District in Moreno Valley, California.

Many prestigious government and foundation grant opportunities are indeed highly competitive, but by establishing an ongoing relationship with a professional grant writer - and making a true commitment to positive change in your district - you can build a powerhouse partnership that will win grants and generate significant ROI. By turning to a consultant rather than hiring a staff member, you can also save serious dollars by avoiding current and future pension and benefits expenses.

For example, the 2015-16 partnership year between Moreno Valley USD and me resulted in the following ROI:  $2,278,655 returned - $54,900 invested = $2,223,755 Annualized Return. This is a 4,051% Return On Investment.

Notably, this positive percentage does not even address the additional qualitative benefits that resulted from marketing, outreach, and public relations efforts such as a successful Golden Bell Award application and published ACSA magazine article.

Contact me today to see how a long-term partnership could fund your vision for your students and schools.