Recently Funded Projects

University of Redlands Builds Elementary Math Teaching Skills

A nearly $500,000 California Elementary Math & Science Professional Learning Initiative (CEMSPLI) grant made by the California Department of Education to the University of Redlands to partner with Moreno Valley Unified School District will improve elementary students’ math achievement by helping elementary teachers build Common Core math instruction skills and administrators build math-specific instructional leadership skills. The grant was one of only 11 awarded statewide.

EduCare Foundation Helps English Learners Engage in Careers

A modest but sought-after grant from the United Way of Greater Los Angeles to the nonprofit EduCare Foundation will allow English learner high school students in Linked Learning Career Technical Education courses at the RFK Community Schools to complete their required career projects after school since they must take English language development classes during the school day. This is the third time EduCare has applied to United Way and the first time they have been successful.

Moreno Valley USD Creates
Career Technical Education Pathways 

A $1.56-million Career Technical Education Incentive Grant (CTEIG) from the California Department of Education will build Teacher Education and Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics/Pre-Engineering pathways for regular and alternative education high school students in addition to strengthening CTE teachers' professional learning and CTE students' leadership opportunities in the existing CTE pathways offered by Moreno Valley USD.